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Aug 15, 2021

Mini Ice Cream Cake 🍨 keto-friendly & low carb

By ketoluvs

Who wants mini ice cream cake? I used a mug cake recipe, any cake recipe will work..

Aug 14, 2021

Asian Coconut Pandan Milk Dessert with Ice Cream 🍨

By keto.food.diaries

Feeding into my Asian cravings lately, I made your standard cold Asian dessert! I added some pandan ice cream made with my CraftBelly Delights vanilla flavor..

Aug 12, 2021

Easy Keto Blueberry Bundt Cake à la Mode 🫐🍨

By onofoodieadventures

Blueberry Bundt Cake a la mode topped with CraftBelly Delights vanilla ice cream..

Aug 9, 2021

Keto Ube Bundt Cake Delight with Vanilla Ice Cream 🥰

By keto.risa

Ube Pound Cake with CraftBelly Delights vanilla ice cream. I think I just went to heaven and back..

Jun 15, 2021

Keto Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar 🍓🍰🍦

By keto.abg

My favorite ice cream to get from ice cream trucks growing up was the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar..

Jun 11, 2021

Keto Lemon Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream 🍋🍰🍨

By ketoconfident_

Cutest cake is even more delicious a la mode! It’s topped with CraftBelly Delights vanilla low carb/sugar free ice cream..

Jun 10, 2021

Low Carb Neapolitan Ice Cream Pops 🍦🍭 tasty & creamy

By keto.food.diaries

Growing up, my mom would always get neapolitan ice cream. So I used my fave keto ice cream brand Craftbelly Delights to recreate this..

Jun 8, 2021

Pastry Cake Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich 🍨🍰 low carb & high protein

By onofoodieadventures

Yep, another legendary cake style tasty pastry ice cream sandwich 🤤 CraftBelly Delights Vanilia Vanilla ice cream inside a Legendaryfoods cake style tasty pastry! 

Jun 2, 2021

Cold Brew Float with Vanilla Ice Cream ☕️🍨 keto & low-carb

By annefates.journey

Made a batch of cold brew coffee in my ZulayKitchen cold brew maker. Poured that into my cup and added some CraftBelly Delights vanilla ice cream . And it was delicious!

May 26, 2021

Coffee Jelly with Coffee Ice Cream ☕️🍨🧋keto-friendly & so yummy

By ketoluvs

If you like grass jelly and ice cream, then you’ll love this dessert! It taste like  “coffee grassjelly". 😋 MUST TRY!

May 25, 2021

Keto-friendly Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 🍦 simple & tasty

By thrivewithsoph

Drip too hard, don't stand too close. Sometimes you just want that caramel drip on a CraftBelly Delights Vanilla ice cream and keto-friendly ice cream cone.🍦

May 24, 2021

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Coffee Ice Cream 🍪☕️🍨 gluten free & so good

By annefates.journey

The Perfect combo! I mean what could be better? 🥰 So good! My favorite low carb cookies HighKeySnacks chocolate chip cookies in creamy CraftBelly Delights coffee ice cream was delish!

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