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Vanilia Vanilla

Creamy ice cream made with Premium Madagascar Bourbon double fold vanilla extract with specks of vanilla bean..


Creamy vanilla with specks of real vanilla bean to entice your senses.  The flavor that is the center of the Crafterra Galaxy.

Our Vanilia Vanilla ice cream is deliciously inviting.  Each spoonful is a gateway to wonderful memories shared while creating new pleasures in the blissful daydreaming of future adventures.  Our Vanilia Vanilla ice cream may be deceptively simple, but we think it brings cosmic joy with each bite.

Lore:  The Vanilia System is at the center of the Crafterra Galaxy.  It is (or was) the home of the Delight, the all powerful force that once kept the Crafterra Galaxy in Harmony.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best Vanilla ice cream ever

    I have wheats thought that vanilla ice cream was a bit on the plainer side but this is literally out of this world. You can tell that they use nothing but the best ingredients. It’s so rich and creamy with the perfect amount of high quality vanilla. This is my favorite flavor!

    Mary Chester
    Missing the flavor of soft-serve ice cream?

    After trying numerous low-carb dessert choices, Craftbelly’s flavors hit a home run! After choosing a low-carb lifestyle and missing Foster Freeze, Vanilla Vanilla is a delicious replacement!

    Coffee, Chocolate & Vanilla

    Ordered all 3 and all 3 are delicious, but the coffee is my fave. Only downside, for me, is of all the no sugar/keto friendly ice cream I’ve had this one gives me gas :(. Lactaid helps.