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Cattoddian Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee ice cream made exclusively with 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans.


Rich, robust coffee flavor with a hint of vanilla to soften the high notes. The flavor that moves the Crafterra Galaxy. A taste of Cattoddian Coffee ice cream can be an energizing spark in the late afternoon or a quiet summer morning in a spoon.  Enjoy the wonderfully rich aroma of 100% Colombian Arabica coffee with a dash of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla as it dances harmoniously with the coffee.  Sit back and experience true coffee bliss that will stimulate your awareness.


Lore:  Cattoddia is the largest planet in the Rubica System. The energy from the unprocessed bean produces beautiful lights that can be seen from space.  Cattoddia is also known as Starlight Point, and it produces the best coffee in the Crafterra Galaxy.