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Low Carb Neapolitan Ice Cream Pops 🍦🍭 tasty & creamy

By keto.food.diaries

Dear Diary,
With it being in the upper 80’s next week, I thought I’d make some cold treats for me (and I guess my family) to eat lmao.

Growing up, my mom would always get neapolitan ice cream because it has the best of three worlds: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I was having massive cravings for this, so I used my fave keto ice cream brand @craftbelly_delights to recreate this but in ice cream pop form! The bottom layer is Chipmonkbaking chocolate peanut butter cookie and OMG, best combo ever. I took a bite and was instantly happy LOL. Check below to see how I made this! ⬇️*saw a pic of this online and I recreated it, but keto form.

Keto Neapolitan Ice Cream Popsicles

Time: 20 minutes


This makes 3 huge pops or 12 squares 


  1. Apply parchment paper to a rectangular mold.
  2. Layer bottom with crumbled cookies.
  3. Layer first layer with chocolate, then vanilla, then strawberry.
  4. Add a popsicle stick (had this in my craft box).
  5. Freeze overnight and enjoy the next day! Thank me later!! Lol I’d personally cut them up as squares and add little toothpicks or skewers because one pop is ginormous lol

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