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Keto Chai Affogato Recipe🍨no sugar added (inspired by chai latte)

By  tffny.eats
🌞 Inspired by the chai latte, this is a fun twist on the classic affogato. Bold, spiced chai poured over rich ice cream makes for the best afternoon treat.
To make chai concentrate, add two teabags of chai per cup of hot water, and steep normally. I chose not to add any sweetener as the ice cream would sweeten the dessert enough 🍨

Easy Keto Chai-ffogato 

Time: 15 minutes (depending on chai preparation)



    1. Scoop 1 single serve of @craftbelly_delights Vanilia vanilla ice cream and 1 single serve of Cattoddian coffee ice cream
    2. Pour in chai tea
    3. Garnish with keto rolled wafer cookies (optional) & enjoy!!!



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