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Hazelnut Coffee Bonbons 🌰🌰🌰 keto, gluten free & no added sugar

By  annefates.journey
Early birthday treat before I enjoy all the carby things starting tomorrow 😋❤️

Hazelnut Coffee Bonbons

These were a little challenging to make since the super creamy ice cream was melting on me hehe I couldn’t work fast enough.

Time: 30 minutes (freezing and heating time depending)



  1. Scoop CraftBelly Delights Cattodian Coffee ice cream with a cookie scoop and place on parchment paper. Place scoops back in the freezer so they can harden back up.
  2. Take out of freezer once they have firmed up and top with Choczero hazelnut spread. Return to the freezer until hazelnut cream hardens.
  3. Last step is to coat entire bonbon with melted Choczero chocolate chips. Put them back into the freezer until chocolate is firm. Then enjoy!

So good! 😋🍨


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