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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Coffee Ice Cream 🍪☕️🍨 gluten free & so good

By  annefates.journey
Chocolate chip cookie coffee ice cream! 🍪☕️🍨
The Perfect combo! I mean what could be better? 🥰 So good! My favorite low carb cookies HighKeySnacks chocolate chip cookies in creamy Craftbelly Delights Coffee Ice Cream was delish! You gotta try it.

Crushed up a few of the cookies and mixed it into my ice cream and then topped it with more cookies. Love the crunch in my ice cream.

Chocolate chip cookie coffee ice cream 

Time: 5 minutes



  1. Crush up a few of the chocolate cookies
  2. Mix it into coffee ice cream
  3. Top with more cookies & enjoy!

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