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Low Carb Chocolate covered Cookie ice cream sandwich 🟤 gluten free

By onofoodieadventures

Itsa #lowcarb It’s-It! 🥳🥳 

Guys... I’m sooo excited for this one! It’s giving me all the feels🥰

For those that don’t know, I’m from San Francisco and was raised eating a San Francisco Tradition, Itsiticecream sandwiches... So you know I had to try to recreate this with some of my favorite low Carb/Keto/Sugar-free brands!

I’d have to say, they turned out amazing and definitely hit that craving for me! 🙌🏼

I used some Mauiketotreats mix to make cookies and spooned one serving of @craftbelly_delights vanilla ice cream per two cookie sandwich and refroze. While freezing I melted some Choczero sugar free chocolate and dunked the frozen cookie sandwich in the melted chocolate until it was fully coated. I added some chopped macadamia nuts to the top and popped it back in the freezer to set. By lunch I had this wonderful dessert to devour!

I can’t wait to make this again with other flavor combos! 😻 oh yes, that’s so happening!! Stay tuned!

Chocolate Covered Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Time: 30 minutes (depending on freezing)



  1. Follow instructions to make MauiKetoTreats chocolate chip cookies
  2. Scoop a bunch of CraftBelly Delights Vanilia Vanilla ice cream onto one cookie
  3. Place the other cookie on top and put the ice cream sandwich into the freezer for about 20 mins
  4. In the meantime melt some ChocZero chocolate
  5. Take the ice cream sandwich out of the freezer and dunk it into the melted ChocZero chocolate until fully covered
  6. Add toppings
  7. Put the ice cream sandwich back in the freezer for about 20 mins
  8. Enjoy!


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