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“CraftBelly Delights premium ice cream is no 'substitute' — it’s the real deal made from all natural ingredients. Our ice cream is super creamy, low net carbs, non-GMO, full of prebiotic fiber, and jam-packed with flavor. CraftBelly Delights Ice Cream also fueled our imagination to create the incredible story of the Crafterra Galaxy, where all of our flavors come to life and the search for the Delight and rare Craftbelliums begins. Imagination You Can Taste."

- Jim & Joey

Our Story

Food fuels our imagination, creating lasting memories and amazing experiences. Food was always our bedrock — and dessert was our favorite course. But, most desserts contained deceptively large amounts of sugar that can spike your blood sugar level.  

We wanted to change what we ate and how we ate.  We refused to surrender the experience of eating incredible food, there must be a better way…like ice cream. Ice cream wasn’t just a sweet treat — it was a delectable reminder of wonderful memories and experiences.  So we began a tireless journey to craft the most creamy, decadent, unbelievably satisfying premium ice cream to ever put in our bellies — melding our passion for food and quest for a healthier lifestyle.

We’re thrilled to share with you the results of our adventure: CraftBelly Delights Ice Cream!

We invite you to experience the joy of an incredibly delicious dessert, along with the peace of mind that it works with your lifestyle. And join us in the Crafterra Galaxy to find out more about the fight against General A.I!


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